Keynote Speaker – Jennifer ‘Sparkle’ Johnson

Keynote Speaker – Jennifer ‘Sparkle’ Johnson

Punch Fear in the Face!

Jennifer Johnson, award winning Coach of the Feminine Soul, specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes, to go from hiding out to having the confidence that comes from being in alignment with who they really are.  Her motto is, “You don’t have to be a size 6 to make six figures!”

Known as the ‘Queen of Curious Conversations’, Jennifer is committed to teaching her clients how to take the ‘salesy’ feeling out of sales, so that they can make offers from a place of service, communication and confidence.  Her programs combine proven tools with focused coaching, and her clients learn how to package and market their unique values to their ideal clients, so that they can become unstoppable in their businesses and lives.

Don’t let her big smile and contagious giggle fool you, either.  Jennifer’s ‘fierce love’ for her clients translates into ‘no excuses’ accountability, as she takes them on simple, step by step journeys,  from ‘what do I do’ to ‘look what I did!’  A journey she herself traveled, transforming her business from an $8000 a year ‘hobby’ one year, to a 6-figure ‘business’ the next.

The founder and creator of Power of 3P Coaching, Jennifer is a Certified Life Coach and has studied business coaching under Kendall Summerhawk, becoming a Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach, as well as participating in both the Mastery and Stars Programs, and joining the International Association of Women in Coaching.  She also holds additional certifications including Niche Breakthrough Secrets, How to Charge What You’re Worth…and Get It, and has studied and worked extensively in the area of how our issues  and attitudes around money…many of which are deeply rooted in our subconscious…impact every aspect of our lies.

She grew up in Florida, spent some cold winters in the Midwest, and is now living the life of her dreams in Arizona.  A life that includes her husband of 22 years, Toby,  their two furry kids, Piston and Turbo, as well as a successful business which not only allows her to share her gift with others, but also generates a fabulous income while providing her the time and flexibility to give back by helping abused children.