Keynote – Get Naked to Embrace the Fear

Chaparral Conference Center

In this highly competitive global world, having goals today is just not enough to win.  And, when dealing with every facet of your chaotic life, whether in business, dating, families, activities, fear develops to the point of disappointment and self-doubt.  Is fear holding you back from having, being and doing something?  Do you know what fear is?  What does success look like today?  How do you get rid of fear while living in the wasteland?  If so, the good news is that you can conquer fear!

BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT!  A swimming champion turned author & performance expert, Deborah Gardner will boldly unveil the most under-rated topic in a wildly entertaining and humorous high-energy format.  Deborah transformed her fear of the water into becoming a swimming champion and leader in the business world.  Due to her “practice of fear”, she will expose how you can get naked to embrace the fear in anything you do.  Interactively experience how to strip down for maximum results YOU deserve.  No matter what role you have in the business world, it’s time to put YOU into action.  Grasp new ideas and hear astonishing stories that demonstrates getting naked is the best way to embrace the fear.  Are you ready to bare-it-all?


  • Learn 3 “bare bones” effective ways to create value for accomplishing your goals
  • Discuss your challenges and fears while discovering a wide range of solutions to overcoming them
  • Realize the #1 single most critical element to embrace your fear

1.0 hour HRCI credit pending

General Session